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Door Safety in Schools and Nurseries

 Health and Safety requires schools to assess the risk of finger traps and if the risk is significant to take appropriate action such as installing door finger guard devices. Increasingly, the issue is being targeted by local authority Health and Safety inspectors who consider it to be ‘good practice’, if not essential in some environments to have suitable door finger guards.

High risk for young children

Head teachers and nursery proprietors/managers need to ensure that door finger guards are fitted to high risk doors such as entrances, classrooms and toilet doors used by nursery or Key Stage 1 and 2 pupils. Secondary schools and post 16 establishments also need to assess the risks in areas where young children may be present (e.g. reception areas).

It's crucial that schools and nurseries get finger guards right first time. Too often have we come across schools opting for cheaper alternatives only to still have entrapment's occur!

DoorTECH can advise on which doors need to be covered with finger guards and which areas require particular attention due to varying factors such as pupil flow, door usage and opening angles.

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A selection of schools and nurseries using door finger guards

  • Goldsworth Primary, Woking
  • Brockswood Primary, Hemel Hempstead
  • Goodrich Primary, Ross-On-Wye
  • Peartree Spring Junior, Stevenage
  • Little Inspirations Nursery, Cardiff
  • Bursledon Infant School, Southampton
  • Ryders Hayes School, Walsall
  • John Chilton School, Northolt
  • Happy Days Nursey, Lancashire

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