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About Us

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Established over 13 years and offering nationwide service, DoorTECH has developed into one of the UK’s leading providers of door finger safety solutions offering impartial knowledge and opinion.

Our primary product is Door Finger Protector ® but we also offer a comprehensive range of complimentary products enabling us to provide a complete solution to the risk of injuries caused by doors. Our purpose is to help you eliminate the risk of finger trapping injuries in doors. To this end we provide a FREE consultancy service to establish your needs and highlight areas that need to be considered when specifying and choosing finger guard devices.

Independent first hand experience

Independent of any manufacturers, we have first hand experience of all the major finger safety devices available on the market today and firmly believe that the products we choose to supply are ‘the best on offer’ AND ‘the best value for money’.

With extensive experience of providing safe door solutions in schools and nurseries, as well as countless private and commercial premises, DoorTECH offers a full and professional service to meet any level or type of requirement.

Experienced Fitters

DoorTECH's experienced engineers can advise on which doors need particular attention due to varying factors such as people flow, door usage and thickness as well as hinge type.

A comprehensive list of organisations in your geographical area or particular industry that have already benefited from DoorTECH’s service is available on request.

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