PVC Curtain Installation Service

DoorTECH offer a professional PVC Curtain installation service nationwide

We would always recommend professional fitting of any PVC door curtain. Correct fitting also ensures that fire safety and door security are not compromised.

Be wary of suppliers offering ‘low cost’ devices and claiming that they are ‘simple to fit’, especially those who do not offer a fitting service. In our experience most of these products are ‘simple to fit badly’ and vary dramatically in quality and versatility.

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Not 'one size fits all'

Finger guards and PVC Curtains, from whatever supplier, are NOT ‘one size fits all’ and proper consideration needs to be given to doors that are anything other than regular, wooden construction, internal doors. For example:

  • UPVC doors
  • Metal frame doors
  • Many doors that open up to 180°
  • Fire exit doors with push bars
  • Pivot-hinge doors
  • Flag-hinge doors
  • Bi-fold doors

Experienced fitters

At DoorTECH our experienced fitters can overcome issues regarding types of doors that require unique and proper fitting. They work quickly, tidily and efficiently causing you minimal disruption. DoorTECH’s professional installation service provides the following:

  • Nationwide service
  • 12 month installation guarantee
  • Saves time, uncertainty and hassle
  • Total solution giving peace of mind
  • Many years of door finger safety, PVC curtain installation and maintenance-free service

PVC Curtain solutions available nationwide:

Nurseries & Schools

Commercial & Industrial

Specialist Application

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