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Unique ChildSafe system for Early Years

As a result of practice guidance issued by the DCSF in May 2008 for Early Years Foundation Stage, there is an increasing requirement for children to be able to ‘free flow’ between indoor and outdoor environments within schools and nurseries.

Installed nationwide from only £219.00 + VAT

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Free Flow

PVC Door Curtains

A constantly or even just frequently open door presents a number of issues. The most significant of which is usually the loss of heat from the inside environment, potentially costing hundreds of pounds in wasted energy costs.

Free Flow PVC Door Curtains are designed to keep heat inside where it belongs and therefore prevent such waste. They can be fitted at almost any outward opening door and are an environmentally sound solution. In addition to maintaining a warm and comfortable classroom they can also help reduce problems such as:

  • Noise and Air pollution
  • Flying debris (leaves, litter, etc..)
  • Draughts
  • Insects
PVC Curtain

Safety assured with ChildSafe

DoorTECH supply and fit a unique PVC curtain system especially designed for schools and nurseries. The mounting rails are made from a high strength plastic instead of stainless steel or other metal. This means there are no sharp edges and no risk of injury should the curtain strips come free. The unique mounting system also makes the strips easy to remove and replace if required.

The PVC used for the curtain strips is a high quality and durable material that is non-toxic and will not tangle. It is also a superior softer grade than most alternatives which allows it to remain flexible even in colder temperatures.

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