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It is necessary to conduct a risk assessment

If not already completed, it is necessary to conduct a risk assessment of doors that pose a potential danger. A risk assessment will identify the level of risk posed by each door and also helps to ascertain the number and type of devices required. The risk assessment itself is fairly simple to do and relies largely on first hand knowledge of ‘people flow’ through AND past doorways. We believe therefore, that it is important for our customers to be involved in this part of the process where possible and in many cases our customers carry out their own assessment with the aid of our FREE risk assessment guide.

Save Time

We understand that this could be a time consuming process for establishments that have many doors as each door needs to be Risk Assessment considered individually. In such cases DoorTECH can undertake a full survey and risk assessment on behalf of potential clients to establish risk levels and then to make recommendations regarding the safest and most economical solution. In many cases we can complete this process together with installation in the same visit.


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